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Personal and career growth and potential concepts. Coach (human resources officer or mentor or supervisor) helps employee with his growth.

Our Simple Step By Step Guide

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To Land a High Paying Job Offer In 30 Days

Keep Reading If You’re Experiencing…

  • Job LossYou or a loved one have been out of work longer than you want (no significant interviews and not getting calls from employers).
  • Feeling Invisible On The Job MarketPoor quality employers (or employers are not calling you back.)
  • Marketing ProblemsStarting to doubt that you/your loved one are marketable.
  • DiscriminationFeeling that you’re unrealistically aging out of the work force.
  • Losing HopeDesperation and starting to want to settle for lower job offers.
  • Under CompensatedUnder compensated job offers with low salaries.
  • Feeling Alone/HopelessYour spouse/partner want you to find help.
  • Financial StressFinancial stress or relationship stress as a result of long job gaps (financial hardships & embarrassed to tell family and friends about your situation).


  • Being happy to go to work every day…
  • Putting money down on a new home, getting a new car or taking your family on the vacation you’ve been dreaming about….
  • Imagine being paid what you’re worth on the job…
  • Employers fighting over you (having multiple job offer to choose from)…
  • Changing jobs quickly if you want to…
  • Being happy and proud to tell family and friends where you work….
  • Working at the company you’ve been dreaming about….
  • And a whole ton more!…

Hi, my name is Robert Meier! I have been a professional job coach for 30 years, and the #1 thing I see with job seekers is frustration and desperation when they first come in my office.

If you’re like 99% of job seekers, you probably feel like your youre invisible on the job market (employers are not calling you back), you’re not getting the job offers fast enough and/or not getting job offers for the pay that compensates you for your experience. You feel like throwing your hands up and dont know where to turn.

You might even have even resigned yourself to just feeling like you’re not getting anywhere and settling for any job, even one you know you will hate just to pay the bills…

Well, I’m here to change all that! I want to show you a simple strategy I’ve perfected over the past 30 years to easily write a professional quality resume, learn interviewing strategies that can win 75% more interviews, and salary strategies that earn 30% + using the simple step by step tools I have worked with thousands of professionals to perfect in order to help them win high paying job offers in 30 days!

You don’t need to be a pro, because I’ve boiled down the very best of my 30+ years of professional expertise into a simple, step by step training. These are the same techniques that my professional customers pay me thousands to learn when I work with them one-on-one.

Unleash A Powerful Job Search

For Just $299.00…..

Here’s What You Get….

This resume evaluation tool is one of a kind and is our “Secret To Success” that reveals the strength of your current resume and how to improve it quickly (based on 30 years experience coaching thousands of professionals successfully).

Robert Meier has compiled over 100+ of his best resume examples out of 6,000+ resumes including his Top 10 Secret Keys to writing a winning resume (30 years of resume writing secrets proven to WIN job offers). You can use his resumes to craft your own perfect resume. He includes in the book resumes in the top industries and fields so you have an expert example/template to use for yourself.

The Talent Multiplier is the key to composing a “Top 2%” resume. This tool helps you uncover what unique content Robert would use to help you win 50% more interviews in 50% less time. (Robert’s customers pay him thousands to help them do this on an individual job coaching basis but the secrets to what to put in a winning resume are uncovered by using this tool). The tool helps you uncover the information and then you simply input the information directly into your resume (we give you templates and examples of Top Resumes so you can format your resume using similar wording as expert writer Robert uses).

This is no ordinary cover letter book. First of all it gives you dozens of template examples you can use in every field but it also gives you a unique and POWERFUL strategy to target YOUR dream employers and a secret way to get in the back door to win a job offer (this technique has worked for thousands of our customers).

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Removing Interview FEAR

Audio Files on Interviewing Techniques

($500 Value)

Learn the step by step methods that help reduce interviewing fear and gain confidence of the employer. Stop trying to memorize long lists of interviewing questions and learn techniques that remove your fear.

The Interviewing Tactics replace the outdated “memorization” model taught in most interviewing books with simple reflective questioning techniques that allow you to hit the interviewer’s “Hot Buttons” and land the offer quickly.

The ‘halo’ effect you create makes interviewers think you came straight from heaven. Instead of guessing what they want to hear you can learn how to find out what THEY need the most and show how YOU are the perfect solution to their need.

You will learn to direct attention to your strengths, easily build dialog and maintain composure during intense interviews.

Don’t Leave Money or Benefits on The Table

Audio Files on Salary Negotiations

($500 Value)

When it comes to negotiating a salary most people try to “wing it” which rarely works and even has the potential to offend employers and can be a huge red flag. Red Hot Salary Negotiations gives you a PROVEN methodology (we’ve seen it work with thousands of clients negotiations). MUCH is at stake. In the final minutes of negotiations 30%, 50% or even more 100% (plus benefits) can be negotiated with just a few words and justifications which we outline clearly what to do. If you don’t have a clear plan it can be downright dangerous to negotiate a higher salary and more benefits.

We help you plan, setup, and execute PROVEN salary negotiations that help walk out the door not only with the job but of your dreams if you do it right you can earn a raise in 5 minutes that is worth a year’s salary. The Salary Negotiation strategies help you uncover and negotiate critical salary points such as the take-it-or-leave-it number, the budget ceiling, floor and final offer. After one listening, you can earn what you are worth and reach the budget ceiling of any salary range. Knowledge is your key to power. With these techniques, if done correctly are worth much more than $500 we charge our customers to learn these. If you can earn a $30,000 raise using these, a $149.00 investment should be a “no brainer”.


Job Coach and Career Success Manager

Robert Meier, is a nationally recognized job expert, career coach, and career success manager with over 30 years of experience helping professionals earn more money, earn career advancement, win better promotions and work at highly sought after companies.

  • Author of 5 career and resume books (LA Times picked “The World’s Greatest Resumes” as a Top 5 career book of the year).
  • Public speaker for institutions such as U.C.L.A. Anderson School of Management, U.C. Irvine, South Eastern Employment & Training Association, University of Chicago and more…
  • Helped professionals such as Chris Walgreen (Walgreen’s founder son), Jim Cleamons (former assistant coach of the Lakers), Oprah Winfrey’s personal assistant and more…
  • Conducted outplacement and career workshops for dozens of Fortune 500 Corporations such as Allstate Insurance, Waste Management, AON, AT&T and more.
  • 20 years as CEO of the largest privately owned career consulting firm in Chicago (for those who know and love Chicago, HQ was in the Wrigley Building on Michigan Ave. for many years).
  • Developed Career Lab… step-by-step “4-week” job search action plan that has been proven to shorten a job search by 75% for over 6,000 clients.

A Few Examples of Customer Success

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People Who Invest In Their Career Are 4x More Likely To Reach Their Career Dreams


All In One Career Suite Membership

  • Prevent career stagnation and decline
  • Cut your job search by 75%
  • Earn 30%-200% better salary

For the price of a nice meal out, invest in yourself and future.

Can you afford to wait any longer?


Your Career Starts Now

Your Career Starts Now

FasTrack Jobs helps job seekers and students win jobs quickly.

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